“Bluff” by Chloé Sautereau

Swiss artist Chloé Sautereau’s latest single, “Bluff,” is a nostalgic track filled with an early 2000s-esque instrumental and features Sautereau’s bubbly vocals. The song feels like it belongs in a 2003 rom-com in the best way possible.

“Bluff” follows Sautereau’s recent singles, “Ten Thousand Stories” and “Get to Know You Game” (featured on Spotify’s Created By Women), and Sautereau continues to prove herself with “Bluff.” The track tackles tough topics we’ve all been through before: love, heartbreak, and being played, and it beautifully encapsulates these feelings with just the melancholic tune alone. Sautereau continues to showcase her innate musical talent by self-producing all of her singles, and “Bluff” is just another testament to this. Her ability to create a story with her profound lyrics and emotive instrumental is unique and should be recognized. 

“Bluff” reminisces on a one-sided crush and how, years later, we can return and realize all the red flags that we missed. The lyrics are a perfect mixup of playful naivety with anger, highlighting all the emotions when experiencing a soul-crushing infatuation. The heartbreak from a crush can sometimes be more painful than the end of a relationship, as it is unrequited love. 

“Bluff” was written and performed by Sautereau, co-produced and recorded by Mikey Bar-Lavi (along with Sautereau), and features Brennan Clark on bass. The track was mixed by John Hanes of MixStar Studios, and mastered by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo.

Photos: Miranda McDonald

Written by Melissa Cusano


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