“Amor De Verano” by Dr Dawsound

With summer quickly approaching, it’s only a matter of time before those summer playlists are completed. And just in case you’re struggling to find the perfect song to add to the upcoming season’s playlist, French producer and songwriter Dr. Dawsound of Marseille, France, has you covered.

Introducing “Amor de Verano (Summer love),” the third track from Dawsound’s 2024 debut album “Universal Love,” released on March 15. It’s two minutes and 54 seconds of pure bliss, emanating Latin pop, dance and reggaeton soundscapes that are vibrant and potent enough to incite people to dance.

“Amor de Verano” is a culturally colorful piece about a man and woman embracing summer love on a beach and basking in all its magic. But like summer, good things must eventually end, and, as Dawsounds puts it, the ocean will erase the love imprinted in the sand—nothing to do about it but cherish each other until that time comes.

It’s a beautiful song with warm instrumentation and sexy vibes. But the most critical aspect of the track is that it makes you feel good—it’s uplifting. Dawsound seemed to want to compose an inviting song that his audience could enjoy repeatedly.

“Amor de Verano” is part of Dawsound’s 12-track debut album, which comprises stellar upbeat songs like “Stellar Pulse,” “In My House (Good Vibes)” featuring Gabriela Flores, and “Little Girl—D.R Mix” (a personal favorite of mine, which I encourage you to check out).

Check out “Amor de Verano” and follow Dr. Dawsound on all his social media and music streaming platforms!

Written by Taylor Berry

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