“Mother” by Nolo Grace

Korean-American Cinematic Indie Pop artist Nolo Grace has always had a knack for telling a compelling story with every song, but arguably none so vividly as her newest sentimentally-motivated single “Mother.” Reflecting on tumultuous elements of her childhood, she utilizes music as a means of catharsis in allowing herself to grieve, grow, and ultimately forgive in her own way. 

The narratively-driven anthem brings listeners on a journey with the artist as their vulnerability is put on full display and serves as an inspirational illustration of reclaiming one’s own identity. From the opening line “I was just a child, but born an old soul” we understand the world we are being allowed to observe and empathize with the artist unconditionally. An orchestra of heavy percussive and synth instrumentals punctuate each word she sings.

Her words come off like poetry and seem to cut straight to the listener’s soul. Lines like “All the jewels in the world couldn’t lift your pain, so you gave it to me” and “You were once a girl with your own dreams” signify the painstaking hours that must have been spent trying to emphasize, and while Grace’s words might mean the end of a relationship, they will deliberately not rob her mother of her humanity.

Culminating in the thesis of the piece, she repeats “Mother, I’m ready to let you go.” We feel the weight of this decision with her, ultimately reverent of her choices, but proud of the sovereignty she has created. Her authority projecting as strongly as her vocal tone, we can’t help but stand and welcome her to this next phase of her life.

Written by Nick Gumas





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