“My Own Way” by Mery’s Key

The members of the Italian-native musical duo Mery’s Key have returned from the studio and erupted onto the scene as the artists begin to debut new music from their emerging project. As their music gains momentum, they celebrate their early success with the release of their Sophomore single “My Own Way.” Defined by resonant and pop-inspired vocals backed up by a smooth-flowing and groovy bassline, their music paves its own path as it defines a sound all of its own. 

The piece begins with an instrumental beat that sets an upbeat and danceable tone. Electric percussion and keys accompany a funk-inspired bassline for a few bars before the vocals appear and give the song its narrative direction. Opening with the line “One step forward, two steps back, trying to mind the cracks” the theme becomes immediately clear.

The song’s message centers on the passion fueling one’s personal ambition and the fortitude needed to keep forward momentum when following dreams. As the artist recites their experiences of being brought down by naysayers and pessimistic voices surrounding them, they make the conscious decision to ignore their opinions and pursue their passions, highlighted in lines like “The people that I looked up to never followed through, yet when I tried to go along they started throwing stones.”

A heartwarming story of endurance, the single reminds us all of our goals we still have time to accomplish. We feel the authenticity of the lyrics in every verse as they culminate in an inspirational and empowering anthem for all those looking to blaze their own trail.

Written by Nick Gumas





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