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Artist Interview: “Grand Canyon” (2024 Edition) by Justfil

Q: Hi! Thank you for interviewing with Rising Artists. Before we get into it, I’d love to start off with an icebreaker. What’s the greatest life lesson you’ve learned?

JUSTFIL: Stay true and authentic, especially with the people I love; not cheating or deceiving, and prioritizing being over having.

Q: You released the original version of “Grand Canyon” in 2022 and it’s much slower than the 2024 version and in French. What drove you to recreate it in English?

JUSTFIL: French is my native language, and it’s easier for me to write in French. However, I believe that the message carried by “Grand Canyon” (The fragility of life) is universal and should be conveyed through an equally universal medium. In this case, English is the obvious choice. The 2024 version allowed us to explore different musical dynamics and bring a fresh perspective to the song, aligning it more with the evolving sound of my band.


Q: They both have this gloomy undertone, but which one is your favorite and why?

JUSTFIL: It’s tough to choose a favorite, as both versions hold a special place in my heart. The 2022 version has a nostalgic, introspective feel, while the 2024 version brings a new energy and broader accessibility. Each version captures a different phase of our artistic journey.


Q: How does the composing for the 2024 version differ from the 2022 version?

JUSTFIL: For the 2024 version, I experimented with a faster tempo and added more layers of instrumentation. I also worked on enhancing the lyrical content to convey the song’s message more effectively in English. The overall production was more collaborative (thanks to Lynsey TIBBS for her vocal performance), bringing in new influences and techniques.


Q: “Grand Canyon 2024 Edition” is a part of your 2024 “Too Much Noise On Earth” album. What’s the concept of that album?

JUSTFIL: The album seeks to revive the tones of the ’70s, bringing back vintage rhythms now forgotten, extracting from their sarcophagus the rock and pop atmospheres that shaped my youth. The title of the Album (Too Much Noise On Earth) evokes my vision of the world: too fast, too noisy, where sensitivity and subtlety no longer have a place, crushed by punch lines. The main theme of this album is thus a spiritual quest, almost gnostic, stoic in its pursuit of calm.

“Insomnia” tells the story of my long nights where sleep eluded me, with endless waves of anxiety crashing onto the shores of my consciousness, nights spent seeking calm and silence. “My Wonderful Year in Provence” captures the tranquility of the Provençal plains, the intoxicating scents, sentimental, intangible things, yet so much happier than the Parisian turmoil.

“Burnt Sands” is more of a trauma than a song, depicting the disappearance of the Landes forests in flames, a carpet of ash where a peaceful pine forest once stood, always the noise and fury! “Her Addictive Screen” speaks to our servile attachment to devices, outsourcing our lives to algorithms, far from reality.


Q: How does the newer version of “Grand Canyon” contribute to the album’s concept?

JUSTFIL: The “Grand Canyon” evokes the need of a long time within a brief life, polluted by daily imperatives, our desire to become ‘someone who matters.’ Looking at these sedimentary layers spanning 2 billion years reminds us of our finitude, our negligible existence, and ultimately, grounds us. Twenty centimeters of rock represent millions of years, hundreds of generations whose names have long been forgotten.

Musically, the title echoes the vibes of 1970s ballads, with hints of Beatles and Pink Floyd never far away.

Q: Who or what has been your biggest supporter throughout your pursuit of music?

JUSTFIL: Our biggest supporters have been our fans and loved ones. Their unwavering belief in our music and their constant encouragement has been instrumental in keeping us motivated and inspired. They push us to keep evolving and stay true to our artistic vision. I would like to extend a special thank you to Lynsey TIBBS for her delightful contribution to the vocal part.

Q: What do you want to say to those listening to your music?

JUSTFIL: I want to say thank you for joining us on this journey. Your support means the world to us. I hope my music resonates with you and brings you comfort, reflection, and inspiration. Keep listening, keep dreaming, and stay true to yourself.


Interviewed by Taylor Berry




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