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“Clouds (Wearing A Silver Lining Like A Crown)” by Paul Philip Moroney

I don’t think he knows this, but the rising musician Paul Philip Moroney’s music has a strong effect on me. His first-ever release, “(Remember) I Loved You,” brought me to tears, and now he’s brightening my month with “Clouds (Wearing A Silver Lining Like A Crown).”

With a buoyant beat and melody, the lyrics of “Clouds (Wearing A Silver Lining Like A Crown) “are not just unique, but also deeply profound and inspirational. They carry a message that resonates with many of us. And the voice that brings these lyrics to life is nothing short of smooth and angelic!

The lyrics in this song are not just words; they are a compelling call to see the silver lining and embrace a more optimistic perspective, no matter the challenges. The song is a beacon of hope and joy, assuring us that everything will be alright. Paul, I am truly grateful to you for this masterpiece.

I urge everyone to join in and experience this musical journey. Check out the summer-sax version of the track!


Written by Taylor Berry

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