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“Suddenly” by Chapell

Five-piece band Chapell (comprising Rodney Howard (drums), Malcolm Gold (bass), Ann Klein (guitar), and Lorenza Ponce (violin)) not only delivers cutting-edge music but also bestows joy and inspiration to their listeners with their single, “Suddenly.” This song emphatically conveys hope and connection, leaving you uplifted and inspired.

“Suddenly” is a unique blend of pop, Americana, and rock, with a delightful ’80s retro touch. The buzzing synth in the background, though subtle, adds an intriguing element that one could pick up when paying close attention. This Song is a perfect recommendation for gloomy days, thanks to its vivacious dynamics in the percussion and lead guitar, and frontman Alan Chapell’s introspective lyrics.

Chapell’s extraordinary range and enthusiastic singing are among the song’s most inviting aspects, as you can’t help but focus your ears on his vocals and lyrics.

Please listen to “Suddenly” and add it to your playlist! You won’t regret it!


Written by Taylor Berry

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