“Icy Underground” by Post Death Soundtrack

Forged in the mountains of Calgary, Canadian Heavy Metal outfit Post Death Soundtrack’s latest album “Veil Lifter” takes the listener on a journey of raw emotions and emphatic rhythms that showcase the artists’ work over the years. Their fourth full-length studio release proves to be their most intense yet as it gives listeners an hour of pure adrenaline through their music. The record’s lead single “Icy Underground” serves as not just an introduction to their musical philosophy, but the embodiment of the album’s thematic concept both in terms of narrative tone and hard-hitting musicality. 

A sharp and repetitive series of cymbal crashes followed by composed string and percussive beats introduce the piece. Setting the tone for a powerful and penetrating single, the musicians take their time creating anticipation as they build upon each others’ instrumentals.

Vocalist Stephen Moore’s voice enters and gives the piece wings with the opening lyrics “In this room, only elephants bury all the evidence. All God’s children, born of void.” The ominous words sung in a deep baritone vibrato fabricate the world of their creation as we feel suspense growing as the direction develops. Sustained instrumental notes and the relationship between the strings and percussion carry the musical tone and support the story, highlighting lines such as “Retreat to the icy underground, swim in the holy waters now.”

The single’s tempo and tone create a heavy sway and inform the listener of how to feel and move throughout. Not unlike other titans of their genre such as Dream Theatre or Alice In Chains, the sound is well-defined, gives an unfiltered perspective on the human condition, and most importantly creates a distinct aural identity that is unique to the music’s creators.

Written by Nick Gumas





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