“Eight of Spades” by Secondhand Dreamcar

“Eight of Spades,” the bluesy, funky new track from the distinctive nine-piece soul/roots group Secondhand Dreamcar, a name that reflects their unique approach to creating a new sound, is sure to captivate. Despite this being their first release, the band has already carved out a unique, quirky sound. The lyrically driven track is a poignant reflection on finding significance in everyday life, observing others’ struggles, and loving them through them. 

Everything about “Eight of Spades” is significant–the song’s title points to the tarot card the Eight of Pentacles. This card symbolizes moments in your life when you are dedicated to completing an important task, which perfectly highlights the overall meaning of the track, taking joy in mundane activities in everyday life. The lyrics are sung over a groovy, upbeat instrumental, creating an overall uplifting feeling that is sure to inspire listeners. 

Secondhand Dreamcar boasts a diverse lineup that is sure to excite: Canadian Folk Music Award-nominee Dana Wylie, producer Harry Gregg on bass, Jamie Cooper (Up and Over Trio) on drums, Kyle Mosiuk (The Hello Darlins) and Chad Murphy (Dallas Smith) on guitar, Rooster Davis on organ, and a horn section led by Dave Babcock. The sheer diversity and talent of this group is bound to thrill listeners.

On the musical side, the track is highly captivating from start to finish. Wylie’s raspy, powerful vocals are a force, as she efficiently switches from different vocal tones. The bass by Gregg, drums by Jamie Cooper, and the guitar by Mosiuk and Murphy all contribute to the unique sound of the track. For instance, Cooper’s drumming adds a dynamic rhythm to the song, while Mosiuk and Murphy’s guitar work provides a soulful and bluesy undertone.

Take a listen to “Eight of Spades,” today, available on major music streaming platforms. Keep Secondhand Dreamcar on your radar as well, as they are just getting started.

Photo credit: Lyle Bell

Written by Melissa Cusano


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