“Between You and Me” by The Infinite Daisy Chains

The Infinite Daisy Chains are back with their latest EP, a wonderfully intimate collection of six songs portraying life during and after an initial ‘honeymoon phase’.

All six songs were self-produced by Kristina and Ian Dandridge, partners in music and life. They met at a rehearsal in a garage at a friend’s mom’s house, a few years before they made it official and tied the knot. The tracks on “Between You and Me” were mixed by Omar Yakar JR (Engineer for The War on Drugs, Local Natives), Jake Ingalls (Spaceface) and were mastered by Mike Friedmann (Engineer/Producer for The Flaming Lips).

The duo is primarily influenced by bands such as Beach House, Slowdive and Warpaint, bands known for their ability to create emotive sonic landscapes with ethereal guitars and use of reverb. Their music has strong ties with these shoegaze acts but stands on its own thanks to their rhythmic basslines and addictive synth progressions.

“Elevation”, the opener is that moment where nothing else matters but you and your person, you are flying on “Cloud 9” so to speak and nothing in this world could bring you down. This song is their most trip-hop inspired song off the record with ethereal vocals, sampled drumbeats, vintage 80s synthesizers and powerful sub-bass. Track 2 – “Hope You Grow” depict the growing pains of cultivating a relationship. That could apply to many loves of your life: ranging from your romantic relationships to your passions and dreams that you haven’t let go of. “Breathe” is dedicated to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Kristina has been a volunteer at a local emergency crisis shelter for such survivors and has overcome these challenges personally. Many times, Kristina is asked, do you have any advice when you experience these traumas? This song is their heartfelt response to that provocative question. The song rolls on like a mantra for survivors, “Just breathe life through this, I know you can do it. “Paper Tigers” is about the experience of waking up from a lucid dream state and a waking up startled by an anxious reality. This song was highly influenced by Slowdive and 90s artists such as: Portishead and My Bloody Valentine. “Sunbeams” is the conclusion to the record and is easily the most synth poppy track off of the EP. This was their reflections of life during the pandemic.

The Infinite Daisy Chain is a band that are as hard to describe as put in a box, but we can try, nonetheless. Gorgeous vocals and guitars dripping in reverb paint the sonic landscape that their brilliant song writing abilities cultivate. This six song EP id the duo’s best work yet and shows a bright future for the already stunning band. Stream “Between You and Me” now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman






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