“I’LL SURVIVE” by Judy Granville

Hailing from the UK and housing a tight, energetic sound is Judy Granville’s growing discography. Optimistic and defiant, Judy Granville’s new single “I’LL SURVIVE” is just the energy we need going into 2022.

Judy Granville wrote this track, influenced by her favourite rock and soul acts. Her vocals and electric guitar playing are some of the best the singer-songwriter has ever released. Judy is joined by seasoned Brighton musicians Theseus Gerard (Stomp), Chris Hookway on bass and Jed Cutler on lead guitar. The band mould well together to create a strong rock song that benefits greatly from their added instrumentation.

The upcoming rocker has appeared on the Bob Mills chat show on TalkRADIO in interview and playing her song ‘I’LL SURVIVE’ live. She has also appeared in numerous gigs in Brighton’s favourite venues and pubs, including the Brunswick. Her tracks have been aired on multiple radio stations and Granville will soon play her live set on The SoundLab.

One of the most incredible aspects, outside of Judy Granville’s music is that she’s on her early seventies. Her energy and passion would have you believe she’s a teenager, riding the high of being in her first band.

She moved from London to Brighton a few years ago and, inspired by a number of leading lights of her age group in the music world, decided to take up guitar lessons. She is now a prolific singer-songwriter, garnering a lot of attention from radio stations and the press. She recorded an EP entitled NISREEN, of earlier tunes. And, ahead of her forthcoming album to be released in 2022, two tracks: HIDE AWAY which was received with great acclaim, and more recently, I’LL SURVIVE.

Her new song delves into a more punk sound, that perfectly accents Granville’s electric energy.

The artist describes her new single below:

‘I’LL SURVIVE was written tongue-in-cheek and in pure comedy spirit. The lyric touches on those among us who have little or no internal critic, and therefore an enviable level of freedom! The song builds to a joyful, triumphant ending’

The upcoming UK rocker is as exciting an act as they could ever come. Stream Judy Granville’s new track ‘I’LL SURVIVE’ now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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