“Change Your Mind” by Hybrid Kid

Entrancing guitar riffs kick off Hybrid Kid, the singer/songwriter from Brighton, newest song “Change Your Mind”. These busy guitar lines meld into the atmospheric vocals resulting in an absolute one-of-a-kind listening experience. Groovy and intricate, there is not a single lull or low section. Instead, everything felt well developed and pivotal to the song’s energy.

Atmospheric only begins to describe “Change Your Mind”s cool texture. Pushed along by the repetitive guitars and easy-going drums, I loved how moods would drift in and out morphing and evolving. Expressive vocals leaned into these changes, truly transforming the song’s tone. Plus, the drastically different moods help push the song’s storytelling, conjuring vivid imagery with every new groove.

Easily maintaining the unique energy that defines “Change Your Mind”s sound helped push everything along, never settling into one vibe. Whenever the energy transitioned it happened seamlessly and almost instantly. Raw and passionate, each new sound built upon the previous while still being unique. Whenever it’d wrap around to the chorus, the song would take a familiar, but not quite recognizable mood. 

Defined by the easy-going atmosphere, Hybrid Kid did a phenomenal job balancing creative vocals and intricate rhythmic elements. Although the vocals were undeniably at the forefront for the majority, every voice was able to poke through the texture easily. These different voices played off one another and enhanced the song as a whole. It’s not often that a release highlights every different instrument, but “Change Your Mind” does so with ease.

“Change Your Mind” by Hybrid Kid is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts



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