“Just Wanna Be Me” by Abz Winter

Nineteen year old Abz Winter, comes from Rugby, UK and releases her long awaited first EP “Just Wanna Be Me”. This is her first release of the year and having an EP with 5 killer songs is the way to start the year off. It’s been said that Abz’s maturity shows in the intelligence and emotion of her lyrics with her very own minimalistic approach to the melodies and production. She writes about personal experiences gained, she dives into heartbreak, friendships, relationships, mental health and self-love.

The EP starts off with “Fuckboy”….let’s be real, you have met at least one fuckboy in your life. The feeling isn’t fun of knowing or being around a fuckboy. Anytime you’re with them you feel disgusted with yourself, Abz provides a fresh fun take to the meaning of fuckboy. The dark yet upbeat song will have you cutting off every fuckboy in your life. When Abz starts rapping you won’t be able to stop yourself from making that stank face as she goes off!

She keeps the vibe going with “Bye Bitch”, something you’ve always wanted to say to someone you’re not particularly fond of. This EDM type song will get your blood pumping and thinking about everyone who wronged you in your life. It will have you head banging while also thinking. It’s a great song to all the haters.

Abz Winter gives us a different view of herself with “Bad Thoughts”, this song is more on the pop end but still gives keeps true to EDM. At some point, your negative thoughts take over but it’s important to not let them win. Abz sings about the bad thoughts and this song makes you feel less alone.

She wraps up her EP with her last two songs “Conversations” and “Just Wanna Be Me”. “Conversations” is very hip hop and a dance groove. The slower song takes you through a conversation, it’s a conversation that needed to happen but doesn’t make it any easier.

The self titled song is a banger and the best of the EP. “Just Wanna Be Me” is the song that’s going to played in clubs and will have different remixes to it. It’s a fun song that you just can’t help but to love. The entire EP is soemthing that you need in your life. Abz Winter is going to become a favorite artist of yours, if she isn’t already. “Just Wanna Be Me” is the EP you will play before every night out.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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