“One More Night” by Aria Eden

Toronto, Ontario’s singer-songwriter Aria Eden’s debut single, “One More Night,” is a hard-hitting ballad showcasing her powerful vocals, touching lyrics, and a beautiful instrumental. The single represents Aria’s unique digestive sound in the contemporary pop scene. Originally wrote and recorded almost a decade ago, “One More Night” is finally out for the world to hear.

“One More Night” begins with a melancholic piano–Aria’s deep-toned, raspy vocals arrive, which add dominance to the song. Her vocals effortlessly switch from alto to soprano tones, showcasing her remarkable vocal range. Her ability to transition from soft spoken words to belting out just a moment later is a testament to her innate vocal talent. Lyrically, the song is not just a moving ballad, but it’s a powerful expression of Aria’s innermost feelings; the chorus repeats the lyrics, “I’m drowning into the deep end; this can be bad but I need it; one more time; one more night,” with Aria’s voice flooding with emotions.

“One More Night” was co-written and produced with Ontario’s Nathan Ferraro (most recently known for co-writing Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold’ Em”). Otherwise known for working with world-renowned singers such as Lady Gaga and Charli XCX, Aria has an influential figure rooting for her–the two have been friends for over ten years, and Ferraro is a mentor to Aria.

When Aria first recorded “One More Night” almost a decade ago, she had the support of an independent investor. Despite interest from major record labels like Universal and Sony Music, Aria chose to walk away from any publishing deals that didn’t feel fair to her. This bold decision demonstrates Aria’s courage as an independent artist and her unwavering commitment to her craft. Her focus is on creating meaningful music, not on achieving fame, a perspective that is sure to inspire her fans. Take a listen to “One More Night,” available on major music streaming platforms!

Written by Melissa Cusano





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