“Lost and Found” by Astralix

Up-and-coming EDM staple in the making Astralix is wasting no time with their early releases. The passion project of Gary Dranow, his Freshman single “Lost and Found” is a hopeful indication of the direction this music will go in. It draws you in and takes you on a journey and makes no apologies for making you want to spend an afternoon with his music on repeat. 

From the first notes, you can easily visualize this song being played live at a festival. As it starts off almost minimalistic with a keyboard, vocals, and some synth, the sound flows from one earbuds to another and before you notice it, you start swaying your head to the beat. As the percussion enters a few bars in, the song truly takes flight and it becomes a truly danceable number up until the end.

Bright synth patches and a smooth delivery define the piece. Its catchy rhythm and carefree vibe are an earworm, to say the least.

The lyrics come across as sentimental, both in terms of their message and vocal delivery. The melody “In the crowd, in the lost and found I’m chained by our love, forever to the sound. Echos of laughter but I am haunted, forever love that’s lost and found.”

With flowing melodies reminiscent of Flume and a triumphant accompaniment of the uplifting and punchy vocals in the vein of The Chainsmokers, it is not hard to see how this song’s taste fits right in with the pallet of some of the most captivating house artists of the generation.

Written by Nick Gumas

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