“Floating Away” by Gary Dranow

With an extensive and fruitful career, singer-songwriter Gary Dranow has released his single “Floating Away” available everywhere now. Dranow did not start in music, but in sports. He exceled in equestrian, motocross and even skiing. He also had a lot of entrepreneurial ventures. Though Dranow has gone down a lot of career paths, he has had a through line in music. He was in a band when he was 12 and even took one of his 1997 albums “Destiny Road,” and was able to fully release it last year. Dranow has now accumulated over 60,000 listeners on Spotify alone.

“Floating Away” is performed by Gary Dranow and Chris Zoupa and tells the story of a friendship gone by. The conversation is over coffee and bagels and the two talk about the love and loss they have experienced over the decade they have spent apart from each other.

The production really encapsulates a singer-songwriter/rock feeling. With driving acoustic guitars, rhythmic drums, and clean electric riffs – the vocals are able to stand out and convey this emotional journey that the pair has experienced.

Small cracks on his face the dawn is near / in his eyes there is no trace of fear,” Dranow sings, and these are the kind of details that show the subtle passing of time.

Overall, the song is a beautiful reminder of how precious our close friendships can be, even if so much time has gone by. So, make sure to check out Gary Dranow’s single “Floating Away” and his future releases!

Written by Katie Power





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