“Dad” by Gary Dranow

Singer-songwriter Gary Dranow, in collaboration with The Manic Emotions’ new track, “Dad,” is a touching piece of art. Composed of Gary’s powerful vocals and poignant lyrics, “Dad” acknowledges the sacred bond between father and son. Not only does “Dad” discuss this significant relationship, but on a deeper level, the track also highlights the power that music holds within us all. 

“Dad” is inspired by a moving letter written by Harold DeBlanc’s son, Matthew, for Christmas. The letter describes the unconditional love and wisdom his father has passed along to him throughout his life. Lyrics such as “You are the God of my darkness nights” and “You are what I inspire to be” showcase how our parents influence us in more ways than we can even comprehend. The meaningful lyrics and heartwarming melody also bring listeners together with the shared love of music. 

The song’s full title is “Dad, A Song for Harold,” being a beautiful tribute. On a personal level, the track can mean something different for everyone listening. Not everyone has a positive relationship with their parents, but one thing is for sure: They all have some type of influence on us, whether it’s good or bad. “Dad” highlights our parents’ overpowerful influence on us, and how it can be the basis for the path we eventually take in life.

Photography Credit: Time Punk Pet Photography / Liz Dranow

Written by Melissa Cusano


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