“China Rose” by Gary Dranow

Inside this inscrutable and aberrant world are billions of individuals with dreams that may seem unattainable. But “China Rose,” a narrative song by musician Gary Dranow of Park City, Utah, and the Manic Emotions, serves as a reminder to the aforementioned never to quit dreaming.

Combining classic and ’80s rock fragments with modern pop rock, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions tell the tale of a young girl in communist China with her head in the clouds, yearning to make it big in Hollywood.

Irrespective of her ineluctable circumstances, she persists in focusing on her dream, which is tied to her identity.

Dranow meticulously crafted the lyrics to illustrate the girl’s strength to remain optimistic despite her environment, encouraging the world to do the same regardless of their obstacles.

“High above the alley’s gloom / ln her mind white roses bloom / Up in the clouds feeling shame no more On silver screens where a star is born / Up in the clouds where her dreams unfurl / From Shanghai lanes to the Western world.”

The Manic Emotions impressively match the lyrics’ energy by invoking feelings of encouragement. But there’s a hint of anticipation in the instrumentation that contributes to the intense energy “China Rose” has.

“China Rose” not only exhibits the band’s compassionate side, where they use their art to encourage billions out there, but it also shows their ability to empathize with others. In this case, it’s with those from different parts of the world who may not have the same freedoms and opportunities as those in other countries, like America.

You’re encouraged to listen to “China Rose” and share your thoughts! Also, check out Dranow’s latest, “Tom Foolery.”

Written by Taylor Berry

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