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“Dark Star” by Thrillkiller

Potent and nostalgic, Thrillkiller’s single, “Dark Star,” rewinds one back to the “Thunder Cat” and Richard Simmons times with its vitalizing synthesizers, crisp harmonies, and

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Tuelo, AM/FM, EP, Rising Artists, music review, emerging artist, artist, Queen of Nothing, Trouble, Happier

“AM/FM” by Tuelo

The world better watch out for ferocious singer-songwriter Tuelo. Valiant to speak nothing but the truth in her music, the South African artist combined history,

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Coral Palms, Promises, band, music, song, single, Rising Artists, music review

“Promises” by Coral Palms

Summer is abutting, meaning the playlists for late-night pool parties, beach get-togethers, and road trips are underway. UK-based indie-rock band Coral Palms have released a

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Gus Walker, Gazing, reggaeton, reggae

“Gazing” by Gus Walker

Funky reggaeton tune “Gazing” is Netherlands-bred artist Gus Walker’s second release, following his track “Come Find Me.” Composed of horns, bass, percussion and more, the

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